19-Year-Old Bitcoin Miner Making $54K A Year


Nick Sears, a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Dallesport, Washington, has said no to college and yes to bitcoin when he was 17 years old and helped build a bitcoin mining farm in that town. Now, he earns $54,000 per year.

“I don’t think about going to college at all, just pursuing further knowledge in the repairs of the miners,” Sears told CNBC.

The 19-year-old lives in a room inside the data center he helped build when he was 17 years old. The hydro-powered facility houses 4,500 ASICs, which generate 80 decibels of noise each. But Sears said he has managed to live with the whirling.

“My room is sound-locked,” said Sears about the acoustic retrofitting of his living quarters. “So I can’t hear the machines when I close my door, but they are definitely noisy if I have my door open.”

Sears, who has spent every day since he was 17 years old teaching himself how to operate and fix bitcoin mining rigs, believes his education in electronics and soldering to be worth much more than a university degree. But that wasn’t easy work.

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