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Bitcoin & Dark Matter

The Center Cannot Hold: 14

Just as one cannot weigh light or sound, neither can one weigh Bitcoin. While there are several common material components to Bitcoin such as mining machines, hardware wallets, seed plates, and nodes, much of what Bitcoin is, is immaterial.

In physics, matter can be defined as anything that has mass and takes up space by having volume. Matter includes everything that is made of atoms or subatomic particles that act as if they have mass and volume. A photon is an elementary particle without mass, which is why it always travels at the speed of light in a vacuum. A photon is not considered matter. Matter does not include other energy phenomena such as light or sound.

Bitcoin is energy stored up. It is also an immaterial record of energy transferred, as well as a right to send energy that is immune to governance. Bitcoin is also the ability to send energy at varying rates of power. Material devices are required to create and use Bitcoin, but the fundamental difference between creating Bitcoin and other assets is that Bitcoin turns matter and energy into measurable yet immaterial energy. This unforgeable energy conversion, along with Bitcoin’s terminal supply cap, programmed supply issuance (the course of which is stayed by the ingenious hashrate difficulty adjustment) are part of what makes it different from, and superior to all fiat monetary systems. Bitcoin as sound energy is distributed and can be stored anywhere in the universe signal can be sent or received.

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