Bitcoin Beach Fundraising For Surf Team

Bitcoin Beach, the bitcoin-focused project giving residents of a modest beach community in El Salvador unprecedented access to financial autonomy, is driving a global fundraiser to build a surf and community center in honor of Kathy Díaz, a member of the national surf team who was struck and killed by lightning while training.

The team signed its first-ever paid contracts in March, which were denominated in sats and funded by Bitcoin Beach. After consulting with Díaz’s family, the Bitcoin Beach team launched the campaign to build a permanent surf training and community center for the team, which will be funded entirely in bitcoin and named after Díaz.

“In a moment of darkness, there is an opportunity to create a positive, to lift up a team that has never had the support it deserves, and to create the world’s first national sports team that Bitcoiners around the world can champion,” according to a press release from Bitcoin Beach shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “Bitcoiners the world over have an opportunity to show the values that we care about, that real Bitcoin adoption can and is happening, and showcase the power that Bitcoin has to bring meaningful change to those who most need it.”

Source link Bitcoin Magazine

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