Bitcoin Christians Are Called Money Truth

Christians are called to be people of the truth. Since Satan is the father of lies, we Christians should call out and oppose any and every falsehood, wherever they may be found. As a Christian and Bitcoiner, I was disappointed and frustrated to read The Gospel Coalition’s article titled: “Ask The Economist: Should A Christian Invest In Bitcoin?” by Dr. Greg Phelan. Dr. Phelan’s Yale pedigree perhaps has slanted his view on bitcoin toward the establishment position against new forms of money.

It’s sad to see a Christian economist peddle the same, tired Keynesian talking points that have served to enslave humanity with its abject worship of statist monetary policies.

As a ruling elder in a Presbyterian Church in America church and a Bitcoiner, I had to respond and will break down the article piece by piece.

The article opens up as follows:

I have to stop right here.

First of all, Bitcoin is not merely one of many cryptocurrencies, it is the original – the “zero to one” discovery. Bitcoin is a special category and has no peer, due to its longevity, network size and strength, and large financial incentive framework. While people try to lump Bitcoin in with other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has achieved both the Schelling Point, (or consensus pick), and the Lindy Effect (champion survivor) necessary to set it apart as a special currency. But let’s continue…

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