Bitcoin Drain The Swamp Trump

“Same Same, But Different Same”

While Trump recently popularized the “drain the swamp” phrase, his execution and point-of-view were flawed.

Politicians in the United States have been viewed in a negative lens for at least the last few decades. The problem is that our people have become so desensitized to this way of thought that nothing gets done to rectify the situation. Nihilism has been co-opted all the way up to the legislative level.

How common is it in your discussions with family, friends and peers to refer to our political leaders as liars willing to do or say whatever it takes to get your vote? It’s common amongst my peers; I would imagine it’s no different for you. Why is this?

Consider for a moment the incentives for an individual to run for a political office. What are the perks? Well there’s the glaringly obvious: you get to choose what happens with legislation that you deem is required or justified, with some input from your constituents (if you want to consider their points of view). But there are also second-order perks, like the pensions that are guaranteed after completion of their term. Or my personal favorite: voting on policy (like the most recent infrastructure bill) and specifically how The State (referring to the whole of the U.S. federal government) spends and allocates funds acquired by either tax revenue or money printing.

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