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Rule III: Do Not Hide Inflation in the Fog

A reimagination of “Beyond Order” by Jordan Peterson through the lens of Bitcoin.


This writing mirrors the exact chronological structure of “Beyond Order,” offering reflection through a Bitcoin lens. This is part 3 of a 12-part series. If you read the book, it adds a second dimension. All quotes credited to Jordan Peterson. All reflections inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Those Damned Plates

“Do not pretend you are happy with something if you are not, and if a reasonable solution might, in principle, be negotiated. Have the damn fight.”

Governments assume the guise of the savior handing out trillions in stimulus money. When prices rise, they deny. Don’t pretend to be happy with your country’s monetary policy if you are not. The wealthy who already own assets get richer, the middle-class savers lose purchasing power, and the lower class watch the little they have vanish. The government is not here to save you. All currencies are being debased. Central banks are in a race to the bottom. The United States is printing with such intensity the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) discontinued updates to its M1 Money Stock and M2 Money Stock charts. This censorship hides the unwanted in the fog.

Bitcoin gives the ordinary worker a fighting chance. Check out John Vallis’ podcast on Decentralized Grazing. His guests, UntappedGrowth and BitcoinAndCows, apply the Bitcoin ethos, restoring America’s soil bank, earning self-sovereignty and sidestepping fiat debt. His model forms a mutually beneficial trinity between investors, ranchers and landowners, who serve their own interests but create exponentially more fruit together through the wisdom of low time preference collaboration. That clears the fog. It puts the farmers and ranchers back to being caretakers of the soil instead of strip miners. This allows them to become stewards again because they are providing for themselves not just today but for tomorrow. Landowners by healing the land, herd owners by preserving the heritage cattle, and ranchers by doing the work. All together as one. It’s easier to aim at a brighter future when you step outside the fiat fog.

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