Bitcoin Institutions For The Bitcoin Age

If you care about freedom, economic empowerment, the environment or human flourishing in general, Bitcoin represents a profoundly powerful force for good. Sadly, however, this truth is far from self evident and can in fact be wholly counter-intuitive to the uninitiated. Combine this with the maelstrom of misinformation surrounding Bitcoin and the inherent complexity of the domains it affects and we Bitcoiners have a bit of a PR fiasco on our hands. Thus far, good ole fashioned fear and greed have been the most effective ways for people to cut through the aforementioned bramble in order to partake in this monetary revolution. Greed to partake in Number Go Up (NGU) technology and fear that the madness in the current system demands a reliable hedge.

Might it be possible to appeal to some of humanity’s more noble impulses? What about wonder, awe, transcendence or that feeling of participation in something much greater than oneself? Such feelings are often experienced when encountering the great cathedrals and monuments that are the crowning achievements of civilizations, as well as while experiencing the grandeur and beauty of the natural world. I believe we can tap into this positive vein of human nature and convey Bitcoin’s finer qualities on a visceral level by planting trees. Not metaphorically. Literally. Big f-ing trees. Giant sequoia trees, ideally. As the world’s largest tree, the mighty sequoia can live thousands of years, stand over 250 feet tall and grow over 25 feet in diameter. To behold a sequoia is to behold one of nature’s marvels and to glimpse briefly and ever so slightly the creative genius of the universe. By pushing our time preference lower, Bitcoin helps us more fully participate in that creative power in our everyday lives. The Bitcoin community would be well served if more pre-coiners grasped this ennobling potential.

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