Bitcoin Miner Out To Kill The Petrodollar

The Bitcoin mining firm Cathedra seeks to propel humanity toward a “positive sum” future in energy production, creativity and more.

Cathedra Bitcoin mining containers. Source: Cathedra

Governmental policies in money and energy underpin most of today’s food shortages and soaring prices across consumer goods and services, at least according to bitcoin mining company Cathedra Bitcoin.

While the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central banks’ central banker, blames 40-year-high U.S. inflation levels on pandemic-induced supply chain bottlenecks, Cathedra has laid out an alternative view in its latest annual letter to shareholders.

“We believe the root causes of these issues are quite simple: unsound money and unsound energy infrastructure,” the letter reads.

Unsound Energy

Cathedra argues that much of the current mainstream line of thought is influenced by a Malthusian approach, which purports that progress is “zero sum” and resources are finite, thereby leading experts and governments to tilt favorably for policies that judge human action by whether it disturbs the natural world.

However, the bitcoin miner subscribes to Prometheanism — the belief that progress is “positive sum” and human creativity and technology allow resources to be employed in novel ways that preserve the natural world while benefiting the human species. Prometheans evaluate human action by its ability to trigger human flourishing, a line of thought that guides all of Cathedra’s business decisions.

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