Bitcoin Revives The American Dream

Bitcoin revives the American dream.

It’s a strong claim, I know.

How would you describe the current landscape of relationship building, and family formulation? Typically within my circles it’s met with anxiety and a general lack of excitement. Why do we think this is?

I think that fiat problems have permeated every single inch of our lives. We (as a collective society) are spending more money than we have, to purchase goods that we don’t need, in order to impress people we don’t know, by pretending to live lives that aren’t real. All for clicks and attention.

I am of the opinion that this has caused the experience of attempting to find a mate to be so emotionally and intellectually draining that individuals are just completely abstaining from the process in general. Consider this; when large numbers of individuals are projecting lives that attract you and excite you, but then … once you gain access to one’s life, and you realize that the basis for the first impression(s) were a fiction. To the extreme end, this means that the basis for the relationship was established upon a lie. If anybody has ever seen a building collapse due to a shoddy foundation — it’s not a successful recipe for the future, essentially making the failure of the structure an inevitability, not just a possibility.

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