Bitcoin Solves Unemployment In Africa

African youth make up the largest demographic of the continent and yet they suffer the most due to underrepresentation in the government. However, Bitcoin fixes this.

“The idea whose time has come” has unlocked the full potential of African youth who are set to not only contribute to hyperbitcoinization directly but most importantly make ends meet for their kin while thriving, not surviving.

P2P Trading

Peer-to-peer bitcoin trading is one avenue that African youth have embraced, thus creating a source of income. This is driven by number-go-up technology and the weak African currencies (compared to the United States dollar).

Platforms such as Paxful Peer go the extra mile to help people earn by onboarding their friends and acquaintances. Moreover, there are various resources to help everyone best learn how to trade.


The Swahili word for business is biashara. Numerous businesses in Africa have been established by and for Africans to empower people on the continent to switch to bitcoin from fiat in the simplest manner possible.

African translators who are Bitcoin maximalists such as Sabeni have worked on translating Bitcoin literature for both Exonumia and BitcoinMtaani. As most Africans are at the very least bilingual, this is a great opportunity for many to get jobs with multiple projects.

Source link Bitcoin Magazine

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