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Wind and solar are altcoins.

They are unreliable, costly and make as much sense as LUNA. “Green” energy takes up too much real estate for the energy they provide but they grow through propaganda and subsidization like preferred pronouns on Facebook. Despite claims of being renewable, they require resources from the earth like everything else and have a finite lifespan. They are ridiculously inefficient and if governments stopped subsidizing them, they would not survive. But through fiat money, these boondoggles continue their rent-seeking existence like a gender studies professor at a mid-tier university.

If you’re reading this column, you already know where I’m coming from and my opinion is probably not surprising. But like the degeneracy of Hollywood, wind and solar are much worse than you think.

Few People Understand Energy

Energy is like money, which people think they understand, but really don’t. The average person uses a lot of energy day to day, whether it’s the electricity to power their computers, gasoline to power their cars or natural gas to heat their homes. Like money, usage gives people the illusion that they understand it. But this is like thinking you can run a semiconductor manufacturer because you use a phone.

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