Bitcoin’s Blockchain Is The Timechain

I’m fairly new to Bitcoin and I’m a boomer, which means I’m not qualified to comment on any technical aspects of the Bitcoin protocol.

But I do have a 30-year career as a business development coach and I’ve written two business books and, until recently, I published an electronic newsletter that went out monthly to thousands of professionals in over 120 countries. That writing background makes me hypersensitive to words and how they’re used or misused. So, it’s in this context that I share my contrarian view on something: I do not believe we should use new words without good reason. But I am a fan of precision in our use of words.

And I will even sheepishly admit that before falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I was very enthused about blockchain technology and its possible uses in our economy. Bitcoin was definitely of interest to me, but not enough for me to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole early like some. Bitcoin was like this new invention using blockchain technology. And to those who only know Bitcoin at a surface level, this is fine. Boy was I wrong like so many others.

However, the more you study Bitcoin, the more you start to see and appreciate its mind blowing uniqueness. It’s a zero to one invention on par with the discovery of the number zero or the Gutenburg printing press. Both of those earlier inventions or discoveries were watershed events in human progress. I now agree with many others who have been in this space far longer than I who say that Bitcoin is that same kind of invention or discovery. It’s a once-in-a-species invention.

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