Bitsgap Review 2022 – FAQs, Pricing, Discount & My Experience

Of course, we will cover way more in this in-depth review of Bitsgap.

If you are a regular reader of CoinSutra, you might have seen my earlier review of Cryptohopper, review of Pionex, and many grid-bot trading tools. I have often mentioned Bitsgap because it is one of those tools that is growing fast, and it is becoming big enough to not ignore.

In fact, I like to get associated with a crypto bot tool at an early stage, as following their development cycle feels like I’m witnessing the beginning of something big.

Bitsgap to me sounds like a similar tool, and I bumped into this tool when I was trying to find an ideal grid bot tool for our CoinSutra VIP users. Even though there were many similar tools like 3Commas, Pionex, Bituniverse was out there, Bitsgap was acing these tools by consistently adding new features.

For now, let’s start from the top

What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap called itself as an:

“All-in-one trading automation platform for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Best crypto trading bots, Smart algorithmic orders, Portfolio & Demo trading – everything you need to easily manage your assets within one interface.”

It is not a crypto exchange, but it connects with all popular crypto exchanges and offers advanced automation tools that would help you automate a major part of your trading. It also offers a trading terminal, which makes your life easier when trading on multiple exchanges.

If my words are not doing justice to explain Bitsgap, watch this one-minute video to learn everything about Bitsgap

Before I jump into the detailed review of Bitsgap, let us tackle some of the most frequently asked questions.

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How long has Bitsgap been in business?

Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading bot that was released in 2018. It offers a wide range of services including a demo mode, trading robots, signals, portfolio management, and many other features.

Where is Bitsgap based?

According to Bitsgap’s LinkedIn page, they are registered in Estonia.
Here is an excerpt from their LinkedIn bio
“We are Estonian based privately held company. We are a team of industry experts with extensive experience in trading, asset management, and blockchain technology, from all around the world. We are confident about delivering a highly efficient service to our users, and we will continuously update our system based on your experience and requirements of the ever-expanding pool of crypto traders around the world.”

Who is the CEO of Bitsgap

Max Kalmykov

Max Kalmykov is the CEO of Bitsgap, and he previously founded an advertising network: Cointraffic. Nowadays Cointraffic is a leading advertising network with offices in several countries, a team of great professionals.

How safe and secure Bitsgap is?

Bitsgap connects with a crypto exchange via an API key. Bitsgap is using 2048-bit encryption, where your API keys are delivered to their servers encrypted. This is the same security online banking system uses.
The only thing you need to ensure when setting up Bitsgap is, do not give withdrawal permission to your API key. Overall, Bitsgap is very secure, and you can trust them to connect with your crypto exchanges.

How does Bitsgap make money?

Bitsgap is a paid tool, and one of the ways they make money is by offering subscriptions for their bot services. In the further section of this Bitsgap review, I have discussed the pricing model of Bitsgap.

Does Bitsgap offer a free plan?

Bitsgap does have a free plan which is automatically activated after the 7 days free trial of their basic plan. You can anytime upgrade to premium plans to enjoy their premium benefits.

Is Bitsgap better than Binance grid bot?

Bitsgap offers many advanced features which are not available on the Binance grid bot. The only downside of Bitsgap is, it is paid whereas the Binance grid bot is completely free.

Is Bitsgap better than Pionex?

Pionex is better than Bitsgap, as it is free and offers all the features that are offered by Bitsgap. The biggest difference between Bitsgap and Pionex is, Pionex is an exchange where you need to store funds on Pionex exchange. Whereas Bitsgap is an automated tool that connects with your crypto exchanges using API, and thus the custody of your funds is always on the respective exchange. Another deal-maker difference is, Pionex charges 0.05% per transaction, whereas on Bitsgap you would be paying the transaction fees of your crypto exchange.

Pros and cons of Bitsgap

Pros ?? Cons ??
Back-testing feature Monthly subscription fees
Signals for running bots No mobile app
Option to edit the range of your grid bots
2048-bit encryption
Well-established team

Bitsgap pricing and plans:

At the time of writing this review, Bitsgap offers 3 unique plans. The cheapest plan is called the Basic plan which costs about $29/month, in which you can run 2 trading bots and place unlimited smart orders. Apart from all standard payment methods, you can also buy a Bitsgap subscription using cryptocurrencies.

My advice for you is to start with their basic plan, and you can upgrade anytime. In fact, they do offer 7 days free trial. If you are planning to start using Bitsgap for running grid bots, and want to take advantage of features such as Trailing up and down for bots, Take profit, then you should consider their top plans. I have also shared free alternatives to Bitsgap below.

Take a free 7 days trial of Bitsgap

Bitsgap discount and $10 credit:

Bitsgap does not offer a discount on their direct website, but you can get a $10 credit when you signup using the below given special link.

This link will give you a $10 credit which you can redeem whenever you are upgrading to a paid plan. There are no conditions for this Bitsgap discount, apart from the fact that you will get it when you upgrade your free plan or trial plan to a paid plan.

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My Personal Experience of using Bitsgap:

I started testing Bitsgap in 2020, and I enjoyed how far they have come in past few years. I actually paid for their premium account, to try our grid bot trading feature. It is at the same time they added features that enable you to make money from the grid bot even when the bot was going out of your defined range. This was a feature I never heard of before and made me like Bitsgap more.

With time they tweaked their pricing to make it more affordable for everyone, and they keep innovating with new features and adding new exchanges.

I did not really test their trading terminal as I use 3Commas for the same. However, from the features perspective, it offers everything that you could ask for. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Their automated trading bot feature is worth paying for, and you could first try it out yourself before paying for it. Overall, Bitsgap seems like a tool worth having in your arsenal. So far, I could not find anything that is bad about Bitsgap.

Best Bitsgap Alternatives:

It is always good to have competition, as it leads to better innovation. Bitsgap is no different, as the crypto space is full of innovators, and innovative tools.

Here are some of the closest alternatives to Bitsgap:

1. Pionex:

Pionex is a crypto bot exchange, and one of the biggest brokers of Binance. You can learn about Pionex here. Pionex is free to use, and since it is a big broker of Binance and Huobi, it charges very low transaction fees, thus making your bots more profitable. Also, it has features like “Take profit”, which helps you free funds from running bots.

Create an instant account on Pionex

2. 3Commas:

3Commas is another brand that is popular among automated traders. Especially audience who is looking to pay for trading terminal app and automated strategies would find 3Commas to be more robust. However, I find the grid trading bot feature of Bitsgap to be far better than 3Commas.

Take a free trial of 3Commas

I will add more Bitsgap alternatives as I discover. But for now, Pionex and 3Commas are the best Bitsgap alternatives.

Conclusion: Bitsgap review

We have come to an end of our review of Bitsgap, and one thing is clear: Bitsgap is here to stay. A strong team, clear revenue model, great features, and perfect product-market fit. They emphasize a lot on security, which helps in establishing trust among its users like you and me.

If you have been wondering should you be using Bitsgap or not, my answer is: You should try. Since the 7 days, free trial of the basic plan is good enough to help you decide if this is for you or not.

Get a week of premium version for free.

Now it is your turn to let me and other CoinSutra members know about your experience and feedback on using Bitsgap. What all you liked about it, and what all you don’t?

Also, if you find this Bitsgap review useful, do share it with your crypto friends and in the crypto network. Also, let me know if you have any questions about Bitsgap.

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