Dr Jordan Peterson Bitcoin 2022 Blessing

A group of 700 Bitcoiners came together in Miami on the last evening of Bitcoin 2022 for a special “spiritual” gathering and to hear Dr. Jordan Peterson, the internationally-acclaimed psychologist and author of the bestselling “12 Rules for Life” talk about bitcoin and spirituality.

Peterson is a favorite in the Bitcoin community and was “one of the most anticipated keynote speakers at Bitcoin 2022,” according to one review.

“Much of the Bitcoin community already has an ideological intersection with Peterson,” noted another.

John Vallis, in attendance and welcoming guests (like one of the priests of old) told the gathering, “I’ve been a huge fan of Jordan Peterson for a long time.”

“He’s been instrumental in helping me grapple with the deeper elements of bitcoin and value and meaning and how that’s all wrapped up together,” he added.

Robert Breedlove, well-known Bitcoiner and podcaster talked about Peterson’s effect on him, particularly his first book “Maps of Meaning,” saying it was “very impactful on my thinking.”

“Your work has been transformative in adding value to millions of people’s lives,” he told Peterson.

Sometimes Even A Movement Needs A Psychologist

It couldn’t be a better time to be consulting with a psychologist. Price volatility can be stressful despite the fact that the big picture for Bitcoin is positive. Two countries — El Salvador and the Central African Republic have been onboarded to Bitcoin and it looks like several more are on the way.

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