How Bitcoin Creates Our New Reality

“Time is money,

Money is time,

But how are we printing money if we can’t print time?”

You and I work for money. Money is meant to reflect the value of our time and energy, which becomes more scarce and valuable as we age. However, our money buys us less and less every day, which means money becomes less scarce and valuable as we age.

Time and money are heading in opposite directions. Why? Because unlike time, our money can be manipulated by a privileged few, disproportionately hurting the rest of society, especially non-asset holders during periods of inflation.

Time is the most precious resource because no one can create more of it; it treats everyone the same and no one can cheat time. Bitcoin brings these qualities into money by creating its own sense of time.

“Time is a concept

varies in space,

so need a new clock

to strum its own bass.”

Source link Bitcoin Magazine

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