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Omnia Mea Mecum Porto (All That Is Mine I Carry With Me)

It is often enough said, and not without a grain of truth, that the poorest man is in the end the happiest, although no one can envy him for that happiness. Throughout the ages, or perhaps from the very moment when Zeus blinded Pluto so that he would not always favor the good, people have tried to convince the poor that they were happy even though they had no money. In a thousand different ways they have been told that in the needy classes there are the cheerful and contented faces, while in the rich ones there are the morose, bitter, and dissatisfied ones; that only for the poor can life be a gift, even though it may sometimes seem to have all the characteristics of a debt contracted.

Some of us, however, are so revolted by few things as to hear philosophers and parish priests preaching humility and love of poverty to people who have nothing to drop dead on, for it is impossible for us to admit the idea that only a tenth part of men should have access to riches, while the other nine are relegated to serve as the material and means of getting them. There are those of us who believe, indeed, that nothing is so ugly as having no money, and that when one is in the power of misery one’s hands are tied, and even one’s tongue is chained. The humble man is convinced that poverty is the greatest good: this falsehood contains poison, gnaws at his soul, confuses him, fills him with torments; it pushes him against the rocks, chokes him and deprives him of many valuable things. Poverty is a painful, unbearable evil, which has nothing pleasant about it, which torments the one who suffers it together with its sister impotence, and which is not good for anything, even though it has often been said that it is the gateway to the blessed life. The hungry, let it be certain, are better pleased by filling their stomachs with food than by filling their heads with consolations, for it is not reasons, but food that they need to feel moderately satisfied. Do you not realize, you counterfeiters of good, that after not being thirsty it is best to drink, after not being hungry to have something to eat, and after not being cold to have something to wear? Poverty, a painful human illness, is not eliminated with hopes, nor is inequality, and even less so the lack of freedom; it is eliminated with wealth, with property, with the idea that, although its reality is not easy to refute, neither does one have to live with the resignation of thinking that one must accept it.

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