Learning From Local Bitcoin Communities

The idea of Bitcoin as a network and technology is one that is global, interconnecting and expansive. As the price of bitcoin has continued to increase, the scope and scale of what is occurring across the world increases as well.

While Bitcoin is a macro-scale phenomenon that will have extensive economic and historical impacts, we shouldn’t forget to pay attention to community-level utilization of the technology.

On April 24, in Newport Beach, California, OC Bitcoin (aka Orange County Bitcoin) will be hosting a bitcoin payments launch party for Nexx Burger, a gourmet burger restaurant. The event, sponsored by Strike and Bitcoin Is, with music provided by Bitrefill, is an example of the expanding reach of bitcoin on a local level and its potential impact.

OC Bitcoin has been one of the most consistent and large-impact arrangers of bitcoin community meetups; I was lucky enough to talk to some of the people arranging this event, and they gave me fantastic insight into the various aspects of Bitcoin localism.

Source link Bitcoin Magazine

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