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The day that bitcoin becomes less volatile is the day that mass adoption will begin. Or is it that mass adoption will minimize volatility on bitcoin?

This is one of the most popular debates in our space as market participants try to speculate when the volatile price action of bitcoin will get smoother. Those who know me are familiar with my stance on the subject: Mass adoption should eventually smooth the volatility curve and price swings on bitcoin, but this adoption could increase volatility significantly in the near term, as the expanding ecosystem continues to adjust to the inflow of new market participants.

As the Bitcoin ecosystem grows and evolves, new players continue to enter with different characteristics from one another, something that can bring disruption or even stress in an ecosystem that has been used to a different reality for such a long time.

The Journey Of Bitcoin Price Volatility

Some of the lowest levels of volatility, in fact, occurred during the early adoption stage (2013 to 2017) of bitcoin, when the market cap was below $20 billion and the network was dominated by early believers in a buyers-only market. Then suddenly, volatility struck with a massive sell off that shook the world in 2018 and took many people “out of the market.”

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