On-Chain Bitcoin Volume At Five-Year Low


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Bitcoin on-chain volume (change adjusted) has touched a five-year low in bitcoin terms, currently at 329,226 BTC per day over the last seven days. Low on-chain volume has been a short term bearish indicator, as it demonstrates low demand to use the network.

There are a few reasons for this development, one of which is the explosive growth of the Lighting Network, coupled with the secular trend over the last decade of an increasing BTC/USD exchange rate. The same chart in U.S. dollar terms looks quite different.

Looking at the change-adjusted volume transfer of the network in dollar terms shows just how effectively bitcoin is scaling as a monetary network. Currently, the total change-adjusted transfer volume (seven-day moving average) on the Bitcoin network is $15.2 billion, off from a high of over $50 billion this April, in part because of the rebounding hash rate and faster-than-average block times.

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