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I vividly remember the day I cursed all the banks operating in my country. My friend and I were desperately going from bank to bank, trying to figure out a way to get paid online. The day before, we had made a decision: We wanted to become freelancers.

I know the geography of Afghanistan quite well. It is a landlocked mountainous country, loaded with bare rocky ridges that intersect throughout the land. The mountains stretch in all directions, creating gorgeous valleys while making it difficult to make inroads into different regions.

But the world has developed, countless novel technologies have emerged, people have even found their way to space. Still, the banks in Afghanistan have such a strict set of obligations that over 90% of the population can’t meet them.

In order to open an account, the banks require proof of income, a house deed and some other documents that most adults (let alone youth) cannot provide. Even if one manages to open an account, the banks here are largely restricted in terms of services — PayPal, Venmo, Wise, and other payment solutions don’t support Afghanistan.

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