Texas State-Chartered Banks Can Custody Bitcoin


The Texas Department of Banking has released a notice affirming that state-chartered banks can offer bitcoin custody solutions to customers, so long as the bank has specific protocols in place to manage risk and comply with the law. The authority to provide these services already existed under the Texas Finance Code.

The notice states that banks can choose the specific custody and storage solutions they want to offer their customers depending on what best fits the bank’s expertise, risk appetite and business model. When it comes to custody solutions, the notice mentions two example scenarios.

“For instance, the bank may choose to allow the customer to retain direct control over their own virtual currency and merely store copies of the customer’s private keys associated with that virtual currency,” the notice affirms. “Alternatively, the bank may cause the customer to transfer their virtual currency directly to the control of the bank, creating new private keys that are then held by the bank on behalf of the customer.”

In both scenarios, however, the customer would not be in control of their funds. In the first example, while the customer would know what the private keys that spend their funds are, a copy of their keys would be possessed by the bank –– theoretically being able to spend the funds without the customer’s consent. And in the second case, the customer would not even know which private keys control their funds.

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