Twitter Jack Dorsey On Bitcoin, The Unbanked


Speaking at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey highlighted the properties that make Bitcoin a tool that can provide financial sovereignty and the ability to store value to the world’s unbanked and under-banked. He also described his personal belief in and passion for building the technology.

“For me, bitcoin changes absolutely everything,” Dorsey said. “What I’m drawn to the most about it is the ethos, what it represents… Whatever I can do, whatever my companies can do to make [Bitcoin] accessible to everyone, that is what I will do for the rest of my life.”

Dorsey is also the CEO of financial services company Square, which operates the payments app and retail bitcoin portal Cash App, as well as Bitcoin development group Square Crypto. 

He was joined during the discussion by Alex Gladstein the chief strategy officer of Human Rights Foundation and another advocate for the sovereign potential of Bitcoin. Gladstein asked how Bitcoin can become a network that enables the masses of unbanked and underbanked people around the world to achieve more financial sovereignty.

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