Use Your Bitcoin To Improve Health


I found it interesting that in the early days of bitcoin, people gave this magic internet money away and even set up bitcoin faucets for that purpose. Roger Ver was one of the first to do so and — from what I can tell — was very generous in giving away bitcoin. So was Gavin Andresen. Regardless of how the Bitcoin community feels about these two now, giving away bitcoin was vital to growing the network in the early days and we’re deeply indebted to them for doing so.

I contend that bitcoin faucets are equally, if not more important today, no matter the price! Why? Because it gets people off zero. If you believe, as I do, that bitcoin is a lifeboat, we want as many people who can transact in satoshis as possible to do so. Faucets can be found in online games today and other inane uses but I could not find any that serve the purpose I propose.

So my question to the bitcoin community is this: Why don’t more bitcoiners set up bitcoin faucets that support causes and people that they value? Problems in our world don’t fix themselves. Invest in what you value most.

For example, I was an impact investor who supported small farmers many years before I made any investment in bitcoin. About five years ago, my family made a sizable donation to Slow Money which supports small farmers in Colorado. Unfortunately, we donated the melting ice cube of U.S. dollars.

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