Wanna Chill With The Big Boys? This New York Nightclub Now Accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been gaining more acceptance. This has come hot on the heels of the numerous integrations that have seen both cryptocurrencies used as a method of payment. So far, bitcoin and ethereum have seen usage ranging from people purchasing cars with them to buying art and even houses with them. This time around, their usage has extended as a nightclub in New York begins accepting crypto payments

New York Night Club Says Yes To Bitcoin & Ethereum

Somewhere Nowhere is a New York City nightclub that has recently been making headlines for its move into crypto. The nightclub announced that it would be allowing payments using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum in the club. This means that customers of the nightclub will be able to carry out payments using cryptocurrencies, which will be facilitated by crypto exchange Coinbase.

Somewhere Nowhere said in its press release that it would process all bitcoin and ethereum payments the same way it would process credit card payments. Staying true to its mission of bringing cutting-edge approaches to the nightlife experience, the nightclub added this payment option as a way to service all of its clients, who come from all around the world.

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The nightclub has also announced that it would be releasing its own NFT collection. This collection which will be powered by Moonwalk will bring unique and exclusive real-world utilities and virtual offerings for its NFT holders, the press release reads.

We are excited to offer our NFT collection to power a new form of membership and even more excited by the fact that we will be working with Moonwalk to enable Somewhere Nowhere’s guests to experience new and exclusive real-world experiences powered by the blockchain,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Nathan Leong. “Details on what’s included in the NFT will be available in the coming weeks. A dedicated server on Discord will be dedicated to growing and informing our community on all things Metaverse and NFT related.”

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Although it is the first in New York City, Somewhere Nowhere is not the first nightclub to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. Last year, a Las Vegas strip club announced that it would begin accepting BTC payments in its club. The Crazy Horse 3, a “gentlemen’s club” said that it would first begin accepting bitcoin payments for bottle service in the club, which would eventually spread to other services.

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CEO of Somewhere Nowhere, Nathan Leong, described this as adding the next generation of currency to the list, saying, “It’s exciting to be part of this futuristic time and to continue to bring unique experiences to our guests through technology. And this is just the beginning.”

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