Why People Struggle With Bitcoin


The relationship between human psychology and Bitcoin is a curious one. The more I watch how people arrive at Bitcoin, the more I notice a parallel between their experience and my own amid a much broader general trend. Conversely, these similarities act as entry barriers to individuals I failed to onboard and public antagonists alike. While everyone’s adventure varies, a consistent theme of stages unravel that look like disbelief, followed by discovery, then conviction, and lastly understanding.

At the entry phase of disbelief, individuals often challenge Bitcoin’s authenticity. Insults and mockery may accompany them, but if they are open-minded, they’re lucky enough to explore it and enter the second phase. In the discovery phase, we see individuals fall down the rabbit hole, and, more often than not, the motive is to disprove Bitcoin. Humility is required to pass through the discovery phase. This dance is more of an internal acceptance that you were mistaken, followed by exploration and outwardly seeking knowledge from others. In my experience, it is the most intelligent individuals who find it an impossible pill to swallow regardless of their towering intellect. In the conviction phase, curiosity acts as the soil for growth and grit as the irrigation, pushing the individual into a conviction-deepening state by studying Bitcoin and its multidisciplinary properties. Lastly, in the understanding phase, we see an inward mentality shift in the Bitcoiner’s actions representing an outward change in future endeavors.

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